Monday, January 26, 2009

Repair & Warranty Service & Fees @ Lamers

251 Puuhale Rd,

Honolulu, Hi 96819

Ph: 808-845-9365

Fax: 845-5592

Repair Parts**

We stock most parts for the equipment that we sell and service. If we do not have them, we can order parts for you.

** Note: If you need non-stock items ASAP, freight/shipping charges will be added.

Repair Service

We service most makes and models of tools and equipment from different manufactures. However, there are some manufacturers who have their own local service representative in Honolulu in which case you might have to use their service. Please call us to check and see if we can service your equipment. If we cannot, we will recommend you to where you might be able to get it serviced.

Repair Costs

The prices are very reasonable and depending on the availability of parts, it might take a few days to weeks before we can finish servicing your equipment.

If you are our regular customer, please bring your equipment into our office or if your equipment is large please call us and we might be able to pick it up to take a look at it.

If you would like to get an estimation first, before servicing the equipment, please let us know when you drop the equipment off at our location.

Warranty For Items Purchased Through Us

  • If you have purchased new equipment from Lamers Enterprise, we will provide all warranty service of your equipment within the period designated by the manufacturer of the equipment purchased.
  • Please refer to your warranty statement from the manufacturer of the purchased equipment for the length of the warranty period and inclusions and exclusions of the warranty to see if your equipment's failure will be covered under warranty coverage. If you are not sure, please call us or the manufacturer for details.
  • Some failure of equipment due to misuse or certain parts of the equipment that are not covered under warranty. We will be glad to render repair service for you at a reasonable cost.
  • Warranty repair service on your equipment would be depending on the availability of the parts. If we have parts locally, then repair service would be within a week or two. If we need to order parts from the manufacturer, then repair service might take longer than a week or two.
  • Call us first or just drop by with your equipment and let us know what is wrong with your equipment and we will take care of your equipment.
  • If your equipment is large, we can send our technician to your location (only on Oahu) or we will arrange to pick it up from your place..
  • A copy of invoice is required for warranty service.
  • We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, call us!

For Item Purchased through Other Vendors

If you have purchased new equipment from another dealer or supplier from the U.S. mainland continent and you need warranty service provided on your equipment, we will be glad to perform the warranty repair service for your equipment, only if your equipment manufacturer approves such service. In most cases, each manufacturer has their own designated warranty service outlet in the islands of Hawaii. If you are not sure, please contact us or the manufacturer of your equipment for details.

Repair Fees !

There will be fees for picking up and making a delivery of a machine for repair, if an equipment is not under warranty.

In most cases, fees for estimation, pick up and delivery will be at $75.00 (this fee could change without notice) or could be more, if an equipment takes extra effort to pick up and delivery.

This fee will be waved, if you decide to repair the machine with us.

Please call us or call your sales rep for more information.