Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will call order at Lamers?

Will call orders at Lamers Enterprise?

Yes, you can.
If you would like to put in an order in advance and WILL CALL PICK UP at Lamers, please have these information ready when you call in your orders.

1: Company Name,

2: Purchase order, if you use,

3: Phone number,

4: Contact person's phone number,

5: Time- When you will be picking up your order,

6: Items that you will be ordering, Item numbers (if you know), Product descriptions,
Size (unit, ea/cs, qt, gallons, etc..), How many per each item,

To facilitate a smooth transaction and eliminate delays from keying in your order, or pulling merchandise that 's not in arms reach, if you could have all the information ready when you order will really help us to get things ready for you on time.

Thank you always for your business,

Lamers Enterprise