Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hard water stains on shower, toilets, & etc- how to remove

Hard water stains on shower, toilets, urinals, and other surfaces at Lamers Enterprise, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Please call us for more detail cleaning instructions for cleaning hard water stains. To avoid any damages that might occur, please read all directions carefully, before using this and any other products.

Hard water stains or soap scum in the sink, urinals, toilets, showers,

bathtubs, etc.

If the stain is light- Try light acid restroom cleaner with a foam tip.

Spray over the area and let it dwell for a few minutes.

Gently scrub with walnut or white pad and rinse with

clean water.

If the stain is heavy- Try mild acid restroom cleaner such as

Shooter from Dynamic Chemical Co.

Apply the chemical to the area and let it sit for few minutes and

gently scrub with walnut or white pad.

Note: Shooter or other medium - to - strong acid chemicals

should not be used on polished stone surfaces. It will

tarnish the surface.

Always read the direction on the bottle and follow it.

If you want to take the safe route, try the Bio Clean

hard water deposit removers. It is safe to use on glass,

porcelain, and other items that shouldn't be cleaned with

harsh chemicals.

The company that makes Bio Clean also manufactures

sealers for glass, porcelain, formica, etc.

Some areas in the grout may need some brushing with

nylon brush to reach into the grout.

Rinse off with clean water.