Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cleaning stainless steel, brass, other polished metals

Cleaning stainless steel, brass, other polished metals
For: Daily
Use either all purpose aerosol polisher and cleaner (Spartan- High Gloss s/s aerosol polisher, or Lamers s/s aerosol water base).
Spray onto the towel or a rag and clean and polish the surface.
Note: If you use a water based product, you might have to wipe off
more, than if you use oil based product.
An oil based product will give a richer shine on to a surface,
however, it might be too oily for some clients and might not
like it.
Try micro fiber all purpose cloth. It works very well in cleaning,
but also it leaves no lint on the surface.
Wipe well to make the surface look evenly clean.
If you look from the side angle from the reflection of the light,
you can see, where you might have missed in applying the
For: Tarnished surfaces.
Use brass cream cleanser (Mrs Wrights Brass/silver cream) Pour some onto a clean rag or micro fiber
all purpose cloth and apply the cream where you need to scrub
and buff off the surface.
If the tarnish is really bad, try walnut pad to gently scrub and buff off
with the clean rag or micro fiber cloth.
Clean it on circular motion.
If you would like to have some nice shine to it, try oil based stainless
steel aerosol polisher.
Spray onto a towel and apply onto the surface you just
cleaned and wipe with clean rag or micro fiber cloth.