Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Customer -Promotion at Lamers

New customer promotion at Lamers
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First time purchasing at Lamers? We will give you a special promotion prices.
Please make sure to ask new customer discount special price offer from the internet.

Special promotion: First time purchase of select items, you will get special promotional discount as follows:
Buy 1 case of cleaning solution in gallons, you will get one extra gallon free.
Buy 1 case of cleaning solution in qt size, you will get 3 extra qt bottles free.
Buy other items by case lots, you will get up to 20% off on case lot pricing.

• Special promotion dose not include equipments.
Call our office staff or sales rep for more information.

Area Recommending product Product Price

Window/ Glass Bio-renew Glass cleaner,
Concentrated, Bio Renew glass cleaner gallon 13.47/gal

Furniture/ Metal & wood Citros Gloss- Aerosol, for wiping and polishing Citros Gloss 5.96/can

Furniture/ Metal & wood Green product- Clean by proxy all purpose cleaner, for general cleaning. Concentrated Clean By Proxy 19.58/gal

For dusting all furniture Lamb’s wool duster for control of dust, #365 Lamb’s wool duster 11.82/ea

Water fountain Clean by proxy- for daily cleaning Listed above 19.58/gal

Water fountain Bio Clean hard water remover to remove white spots Bio Clean Hard water stain remover, 20oz 20.58/bottle

Water fountain Citro Gloss –Aerosol for polishing Listed above 5.96/can

Restroom Clean by Proxy- for all fixtures, walls, urinals, toilet, sinks, etc for daily cleaning Listed above 19.58/gal

Restroom Spar Cream for occasional scrubbing with white pads. Cream cleanser, qt bottle Spar Cream 5.20/qt bottle

Restroom-shower RJ8- for removing soap scum and mildew, etc, qt bottle, Rj8 4.54/qt bottle

Restroom- stainless steel items Citro Gloss- for polishing Listed above 5.96/can

Carpeted floor Ultra Glide 12 vacuum for daily vacuuming Ultra Glide 12” Single 455.00/ea

Carpeted floor Avenge for carpet spots Avenge, spotter, qt 7.65/qt bottle

All other hard floors Mop bucket, Mop head, handle Mop bucket 26 qt combo 82.00/ea

All other hard floors Clean by Proxy for daily mopping Listed above 19.58/gal

All other hard floors 5 in x 24 in dust mop head, frame, handle
Microfiber, mop system handle and frame 5x24 dust mop, blue Dust mop head: 9.06/ea
Handle: 20.09

Carpet cleaning equipment 17” floor machine for bonnet cleaning, 17 HD floor machine 1060.00/ea

Carpet cleaning equipment 17” Bonnet pads, 17” Bonnet pad, Green strips 26.83/ea

Carpet cleaning equipment Encapuclean for bonnet solution
New way to bonnet clean carpet. Encapuclean will dry crystal with dirt inside.
Next day, vacuum it and that is it. Encapuclean 23.79/gal

Misc White pads 6”x9” scrubbing pads 6x9 white pads 7.79/bx of 10ea

Misc Bucket carrier for tools and spray bottles/ Gray Bucket carrier/Gray/Lg 17.90/ea

Misc 3 gall bucket with handle Round 3 gal bucket w/handle 7.99/ea

Misc Spray bottles, 32 oz 32oz spray bottle .99 for bottle/ea

Misc Triggers for spray bottle Standard trigger 9” .95 for trigger/ea

Misc Toilet bowl swap Bowl swap 1.33/ea

Misc Iron hand brush Iron hand brush 3.04/ea

Misc Latex gloves Latex gloves, PF, Lg, 1 9.49/box of 100 ea

Misc Rags/ Microfiber dust cloth Green, or Blue microfiber dust cloth 2.90/ea

Corn broom/ regular
Corn broom/ reg 12.39/ea

Misc Magic sponge for light scrubbing Magic sponge 2.77/ea

Window cleaning squeegee 18” complete,

Window squeegee, complete 18” 16.85/ea

Misc Window mop applicator, 18” with handle Window mop applicator 18” with handle 28.90/ea

Dumpster Trash For smelly trash dumpster Dumpster Fresh D&C,
25# Pail : $83.90/pail
100# drum : $315.00/drum
Odor Control for stinky restrooms or dumpster For odor control, excellent for restroom, dumpster, other areas Consume Ecolizer,
4 gals/cs: $85.84/cs
Hard floor mopping For regular daily mopping solution. Leaves no residue Damp mop
4 gals/cs: $52.88/cs
Restroom cleaning disinfectant Excellent for restroom cleaning disinfectant. It has very nice scent NABC, 4 gals/cs: $50.16/cs
NABC, 12qt/cs: $41.96/cs
Carpet cleaning- pre spray Excellent for pre spray on carpet cleaning Traffic Slam- 4 gals/cs: $118.40/cs

Carpet cleaning- extraction solution Excellent for extraction solution. It has built in neutralizer End Zone- 4 gals/cs: $110.88/cs

Misc 6”x9” white pads for scrubbing 1 Bx (20pads)
Misc 6”x9” Green pad for scrubbing 1 Bx (20pads)
Misc 6”x9” Walnut pads for scrubbing 1 Bx(20pads)
Misc 17” White, red, green, black pads 5 pads in a box
Misc 20” White, red, green, black 5 pads in a box
Other popular products
Bio Clean hard water stain remover Removes hard water stains from glass, stones, s/s, etc, gentle to use on most surfaces Call for price
Bio Clean sealer Sealer to prevent hard water stains from coming back. Call for price
Shooter Hard water stain remover- mild acid product. Effective on s/s, toilets, urinals, water fountains, etc $101.57/cs (4 gals/cs)