Thursday, April 16, 2009

Installation instruction for Ultra Glide vacuum

Set up instruction for Ultra Glide vacuum.

To open the back panel; (Shown on picture: A) to change vacuum bag and reach for accessories.
Push the button on top of the panel and pull the panel gently at the same time.
Lift the panel upward gently and pull toward you.

To use the wand (Shown on picture: B).
Pull from the the side of the vacuum upward gently.
To extend the wand- push the black button at the end of the wand and pull out the additional extension at the same time.
To push the extension back to its place; Do the same thing. Push the black button and pull back the extension back to its place.
Note: When you pull out the extension pole out of the vacuum, vacuum is automatically transferred to extension pole. When you put back the extension to original place, vacuum is back to the brush at the bottom again.

Picture: A
Picture; B

To: Change vacuum bag.
Notice first how the bag is installed from the factory.
It is shown in picture: C.
Hard piece of the board on the top sides left and right has be on the top of the clips as shown. If not, you can not close the back panel.
First, push the clip button shown in the middle- right center of the bag to the left direction to push out the clip and hang the end of the card board into the clip and let the button back to its place.
Next push up the right side of the paper bag hard board to sit right on top of the clip as shown.
** Note: Bag should be changed on time, when 75% of the bag is full.
** Note: Do not vacuum bigger objects (pencils, paper clips, papers, etc) which could plug up the vacuum.
** Note: Brush area under the vacuum should be checked and clean up the hairs, and other derbies from time to time at least once in two weeks.

Picture: C, Right side picture- Picture: D

To pull out the electrical cord from the vacuum;
Bottom knob that holds the cord as shown on picture D can be gently pulled out and turn to release the entire cord off the machine.
To change exhaust filter shown on bottom of the picture D can be gently pulled off from left side of the holder and replace with new filter. New filter is inside of you paper filter bags. Every package of paper filters contain 2 new exhaust filters in them.
To raise up and down the brush;
Use the dial on the left side bottom of the picture D.
To release the vacuum handle;
Use you foot to press the foot paddle shown back side of the vacuum right side.
Gently press down with your feet and pull the handle with you hand toward you at the same time. (Foot Paddle is shown on left bottom back side of picture D).