Saturday, April 11, 2009

Escalator Cleaner set up and cleaning instructions

Tread Master Escalator Cleaner set up instructions;

Picture: A

Picture: B

Picture: C

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Picture: E

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Tread Master Escalator Cleaner set and cleaning instructions.

Note: You can clean escalator only escalators moving up wards and place the machine at down side as shown on picture: A

*** Important note: When you are placing the head on to the escalator, escalator must be off position.

*** Important not: Be careful in handling this machine, it is very heavy equipment. If you miss handle, you could get hurt yourself or the machine.

1: Lay down the cleaner on the floor and pull the wire handle that clipped on to the main handle as standing shown at picture B. Do this few feet away where you will be cleaning the escalator.

2: Pull the brushing head and lay down as shown on picture: E.

3: Pull the holding bars/ arms to catch the machine from running forward from the both side of the machine wide open (you can adjust to the length you need by pinning to the hole that you see on the side of the machine as shown on picture: C) as shown on picture: E.

3: Push whole machine from the handle and push to 1st step of the vertical surface of the escalator cleaner and until the both holding arms will catch the both sides of the escalator bases left and right side as shown on picture: A.

4: Adjust the brush pad holder to make sure it is laid flat on to the surface of the escalator step and brush is going to clean the grooves and black pad will clean the top of the escalator steps as shown on picture: E.
Note: You can adjust the length of the brush head by- pull away to find the right angle to make sure that brush is catching the grooves and black pad to sit flat on top of the surface. Once you find the right angle, find the hole in the extending bar and tighten the knob to hold it secure as shown on picture: F.

Note: If the brush and pad is worn out, please replace.
(You can order these via Lamers).

5: Once you find the right angle of brush heads, now tighten those knobs to secure the holding.
Pull the U- shape (it moves back and forward- as shown on picture B, and F, right above the brush head) bar to adjust the brush head.

6: Hook up the vacuum hose to the machine from the brush head as shown on picture: E.

7: Connect the electrical cord to get it start the vacuum.

8: Start the machine- It will start the vacuuming.

9: Start the escalator to only to go upward motion.

10: Block off the escalator completely for during the period of cleaning for hour or two both upside and downside.

** Important note: Do not attempt to do any adjusting with the machine heads, brush and etc, while the escalator is moving. If you need to adjust, you must turn the escalator off to do it.

When finished cleaning:

12: Turn the escalator off.

13: Turn the electric off the escalator cleaner and gently pull off the escalator and disassemble.

14: Check the vacuum bag to see, if you need to empty and put it bag gently.

15: Vacuum hose can be dis attached and put in the store door as shown on picture D.
It also has small vacuuming tools you can use with vacuum hose, if need it.

16: Gently push back the head to the bottom of the machine and pull the handle when standing as shown on picture A for storage and transport.

Additional information for cleaning the escalator.

Escalator cleaner only cleans vertical surface, not horizontally. To clean horizontal grooves, you can use any mild cleaner or Escalator cleaner aerosol (SD-20 Aerosol cleaner works well) and spray the groove and use small tooth brush type of brush and clean the groove and wipe off with clean rag.
Once the groove is cleaned, you do not need to clean them for many months.

To clean the vertical surface with cleaning solution.
Do not wet the surface with lots of liquid cleaner. It could sip into the escalator tracts and damage the escalator.

Do not use very strong cleaner, it could damage the paint on the surface of escalators. Use mild foam cleaner works the best.

Spray the vertical surface before starting the machine works well and depending how dirty it is, you may need to reapply the solution several times.

If you need help, please call our office or your sales rep to help you with set up and cleaning instructions.