Thursday, April 30, 2009

SC-200 Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner at Lamers Enterprise- Honolulu, Hawaii

SC-200 HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL CLEANERPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SC-200 is a highly concentrated extra heavy-duty product, with a high cleaning intensity for typical maintenance tasks. It is especially effective in removing cheese curd in dairies, rubber residue in tire plants, pitch and oil accumulations in lumber mills, and grease and animal fats for meat packers. It's a favorite for use in pressure washers and steam cleaners that utilize bypass motors on tough soils found on road equipment, in smokehouses, and on blast furnaces. It is one of the most remarkable bare concrete floor cleaners ever developed.SC-200 has a pH of 13.5 to 13.7 and may be used on different types of metals other than aluminum.SC-200 may be diluted with hot or cold water.SC-200 is authorized for use by USDA and carries an "A1" rating.
When cleaning greasy cement floors with an automatic scrubber, mix 1 part SC-200 to 5 parts hot water. Apply to the floor and double scrub where necessary. On the second pass, put the squeegee down, turn on the back motor, and pick up solution. If floor is to be sealed, rinse immediately with clean water. The better the rinse, the cleaner the floor.
Cement floors should be cleaned daily with an automatic scrubber with a solution of 1 part SC-200 to 10 parts water. Apply to the floor while scrubbing and pick up as you scrub. Flood rinsing is not necessary.
The mop and bucket method may be used in areas that are too small for an automatic scrubber. Mix 1 part SC-200 to 8 parts hot water. Apply to the floor and scrub with a hand held floor scrubber. Pick up with a mop, wet/dry vacuum, or squeegee to central location and pick up with mop or vacuum.PACKAGING: SC-200 is packaged in 275-gallon, DOT-approved totes; HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) 55, 30, and 15-gallon drums; 5-gallon pails; and gallons, four per case. Label copy is available in both English and Spanish. Secondary labels are also available.GUARANTEE: Spartan's modern manufacturing and laboratory control insure uniform quality. If dissatisfied with performance of product, any unused portion may be returned for credit within one year of the date of manufacture. Use product as directed and read all precautionary statements.