Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ultra Glide Vacuum -Brush maintenance

Ultra Glide Vacuum Brush Maintenance Instruction

1: Put vacuum up side down.

2: Turn 3 red knobs to other directions to open the panel.

3: Pull the bottom piece of panel gently off.

4: Remove hair and etc from the brush.

5: Clean up dust that have built up around the base.

6: Lift open the red cover as shown on picture left.

7: Clean the opening inside and put the red cap back to its place.

8: Put the panel back and you are done.

** Note: If red light appears on the base of the vacuum or top side indicates that something is blocking the passage of vacuum hose. Please check all the openings carefully to check any objects that should be removed until green light comes on.

If other parts are broken, please call our office for repair.

Ultra Glide has 1 (one) year warranty on vacuum itself. 3 years on belt and motors.