Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waterless urinal green program- Time Mist -available at Lamers Enterprise

Are you interested in going green?
Are you interested in meeting the requirement to be on LEED green building program?
If you are you would be interested in;

Touch Less Control - TLC™
Zero Flush Urinals
Product #Zero Flush Units

Size Matters! This sleek, modern design helps reduce splash to keep floors dryer!
No-Water Wall Hung Urinal with integral housing and drain insert.

The concept is simple. Human male urine is approximately 96% water. The question is: “why use water to move water”?

The ZeroFlush® urinal trap utilizes a time tested, proven method and technology to move urine into the waste system and eliminate urinal odors.

Zero Flush® - zero water urinals are the culmination of proven technology, environmental concern and innovation.

Model includes: mounting hardware, wall bracket, drain coupler, odor barrier liquid, insert key, trap insert, installation and maintenance instructions.

For complete instructions on changing the insert, click here!

Model 101
(28" porcelain)
60 lbs.
Model 201
(24" porcelain)
40 lbs.
Model 301
(30" stainless steel)
40 lbs.

Part#: 38-3084ZF

Part#: 38-3085ZF

Part#: 38-3086ZF

  • Save water. Save money.
  • Easiest to maintain & clean
  • Free of odor / No cartridge
  • Largest waste trap of any waterless urinal
  • Lowest operational and maintenance costs
  • Quickest return on investment
  • All natural ZeroFlush® Odor Barrier

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