Friday, June 19, 2009

Carpet Cleaning solutions- Carpet Care products at Lamers

Carpet Cleaning Solutions available at Lamers, Janitorial Supply Co, Honolulu, Hawaii
Carpet care products.

Bridgepoint™ All Solv Multi-Use Volatile Dry Solvent
Designed for use only by professionals. It works on a wide range of stains: graffiti, spray paint, lipstick, fingernail polish, ink, oil, grease, rubber cement. VDS.

Bridgepoint™ Avenge Neutral Spotter
Avenge lifts spots and stains from carpet and upholstery with little effort. With its unique synergistic action, Avenge removes many of those "impossible" stains. Use Avenge to remove blood, catsup, chocolate, pet stains, shoe polish, coffee, cosmetics, crayon, grime, iodine, latex paint, liquor, food, tea, urine, and many more. Exceptions to this product are dyes, indelible ink, bleach, or stains set by heat or other cleaning processes. pH 7. (Show more)
Bridgepoint™ Coffee Stain Remover - 2 lb. Jar
Powdered stain remover. Formulated to remove coffee stains, no matter how old or set in. Simply dilute with hot water and spray directly on the stain. For extra tough stains, repeat the application. Works wonders on water stains and urine stains. Dilution: 1 scoop/qt.; RTU pH 4 - 4.5.
Bridgepoint™ Gel Break Gelled Citrus Spotter - Pint
Stays on the spot instead of running down into the carpet backing. This natural citrus solvent is effective on a wide range of spots and soils. Nothing is better at getting out chewing gum. Very effective, but safe for technicians.
Bridgepoint™ P.I.G. Paint, Ink & Grease Removal - Pint
P.I.G. works like other non-volatile solvents except for one important difference; you can rinse it off with water! It also takes care of ink, tar, gum and cosmetics. Use full strength.
Bridgepoint™ Professional Spotting Kit
Everything you need (including new Stain Zone) to remove the vast majority of even the toughest stains!
Bridgepoint™ Protein Spotter - Qt.
Protein Spotter is a liquid alkaline spotter that gets the special stains other spotter don't: blood, vomit, egg and other protein based stains. Put it on your toughest stains and rinse the chemical and stain away together. Use full strength. RTU pH 10.5.
Bridgepoint™ Red Relief Red Dye Remover - Qt.
Red Relief is a two part system that, when mixed together, creates a stable formula for direct application to red stains and others that were once thought impossible to remove. Gets all the red out every time. This product is safe on carpets and fabrics where other products would discolor or bleach the item. Use lower temperature and still have a much better result. A two-part product that activates on missing. Your will find yourself using less product than with the competitors' brands.
Bridgepoint™ Red Stain Remover - Qt.
Heat release Dye Remover. Draw red stains out of carpet and into a towel using Red Stain Remover and a steam iron. This is an aggressive technique but very controllable and very effective if done properly. RTU pH 7.5.

Bridgepoint™ Solvent Clean Multi-Purpose VDS
Since Solvent Clean contains no water, you can try it first on unknown stains without worry of color bleeding, distortion, or browning. Use it on oil, tar, gum, and greasy soils. Dilution: RTU. (Show more)
Bridgepoint™ Stain Absorb Stain Lifter - 2 lb. Jar
Absorbent stain lifter. Keep stains from wicking back after cleaning. After normal wet-cleaning process, sprinkle some Stain Absorb powder on the spot. Powder will absorb any wicking that occurs during drying.
Bridgepoint™ Stain Magic Stain Remover - Qt.
A two-part system that, when mixed together, creates a stable formula that should be used within 15 minutes for best results. Stains thought to be impossible to remove simply vanish. For most stains, heat is not necessary to accelerate action. RTU pH 8.
Bridgepoint™ Stain Zone Stain Remover - Qt.
Stain Zone alters the structure of stains by removing, oxidizing, or making them invisible. For use with synthetic carpet or fabrics only. Not recommended for natural fabrics. RTU pH 5.5. Included in the professional spotting kit.
Bridgepoint™ T.C.U. Tannin/Coffee/Urine Spotter - Qt.
If you are facing spots that are tannin, salt, or alkaline based, this is the spotter to use. T.C.U. Neutralizes alkaline salts from urine. It also neutralizes residue from previous cleaning agents that are causing resoiling. For severe urine problems, use with a deodorizer. RTU pH 3.
Bridgepoint™ T-Rust Rust Remover - Pint
Don't use harsh acids to remove stubborn rust stains. T-Rust is much safer. It requires no neutralizing and you can rinse it with clear water. Apply it directly to the rust and in a few seconds you will see it start to disappear. Non-polluting, non-corrosive.
Bridgepoint™ Urine Stain Remover - Gal.
This amazing product works while you rest. If normal cleaning and neutralization fail to remove the urine stains, spray it full strength. Dilution: RTU. RTU pH 8.