Friday, March 12, 2010

Industrial Sweeper at Lamers Enterprise

Industrial Floor Sweepers – Industrial Vacuum Sweepers-available at Lamers Enterprise, Janitorial Cleaning Supply, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Industrial Vacuum Sweepers

Advance Industrial Floor Sweepers for Dust-Free Sweeping

Advance industrial floor sweepers feature tools-free maintenance and easy adjustment with operator-friendly controls, keeping facilities clean is easy and cost effective with any of the Advance vacuum sweepers.

There are various industrial floor sweepers available for meeting different cleaning needs – from sweepers that control dust and pick up heavy debris, to sweepers that vacuum up light debris. Click here to learn more on how to select Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment for Increased Productivity and Performance.

Proterra™ Industrial Floor Sweeper

on the spot:
Proterra™ Industrial Floor Sweeper

Industrial Floor Sweeper, Simple, productive, comfortable, reliable with incredible dust control