Sunday, August 22, 2010

Optisorb Absorbent Available at Lamers Enterprise

Optisorb Absorbent Available at Lamers Enterprise.
Janitorial Cleaning Supply Company in Honolulu, Hawaii.

OptiSorb-Oil Absorbent

SelectSorb Absorbent is a unique multi-purpose product developed for the quick and easy clean up of liquid spills. Made from a naturally occurring mineral with superior absorption quality, this high quality product delivers 50% more absorbency per pound than regular clay absorbent products. SelectSorb is also very effective on household spills including paint, solvent, cooking oil, soda, juice, milk, bleach, liquid detergents, cleaners, syrup, chemicals, pet accidents, and many more!

BENEFITS: · Quickly and easily soaks up messy spills

· Provides more absorption for the money

· Cleans up spills that can cause accidents

· For use in work or home environments

· Granulation: Fine

Used Effectively in Work or Home Environments For:

Oil Spills:

- Pour over oil spill. Sweep up with broom.

· Soil Conditioner: Excellent soil conditioner for water retention.

· Garages: Pour over spills on concrete driveways and garage floors. Sweep up with broom.

· MROP Applications: Excellent multi-purpose absorbent for a wide variety of industrial applications.

· Controlling Odor: Cover bottom of garbage can to absorb grease and moisture

25# Bag,

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