Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ec-H2O™ electrically converted water from Nobles at Lamers Enterprise

ec-H2O™ electrically converted water

Release the power of water.

Detergent clean. Water safe. ec-H2O technology converts water into a powerful cleaning solution.

Environmentally superior, socially responsible

  • Eliminate the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.
  • ec-H2O uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods.
  • ec-H2O begins as water and ends as water.

    Cleaning has never been safer

  • Eliminate the health issues associated with harsh cleaning chemicals; no touching, breathing, splashing, or disposing of chemicals.
  • Reduce slip-n-fall accidents with the first chemical-free scrubbing system to achieve NFSI certification.
  • ec-H2O is safe to touch.
  • Registered by NSF as safe for use in food and beverage handling environments.

    Simple, efficient, cost effective

  • ec-H2O helps reduce cost by eliminating the need to buy a general purpose cleaner.
  • Eliminate time required for chemical handling, mixing, and usage training.
  • Maximize productivity by increasing scrub times and reducing fill and drain time.

  • ec-H2O cleaning system is available with Nobles scrubbers.
    Please check the available types and models.

    Please call Lamers Rep or our office for more information on this and 0ther products.