Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cleaning Euipment Rental Units at Lamers Enterprise

Do you want to rent cleaning equipment for one time cleaning jobs?

We have few items that we rent.
Please always call our office to check for availability on each items.

1: SS-28 28" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber- Nobles Brand. Available with pad holder or brush.
Comes with a battery charger. You can use this machine for cleaning up large open area. Only for hard surface floor only. It lasts about 3 hrs on one full charge.

2: Polisher/floor battery operated- Nobles. Battery operated floor burnisher. It will last about 2 hrs on full charge. 1500 RPM. Use for polishing waxed floor, where you can not use propane burnisher, but want to get the job done quick.

3: Strive Compact Carpet Cleaning Machine- Walk behind. 5 gallon solution and dump water tank capacity carpet cleaner. Very portable. Easy to use. Carpet dries in 30 minutes more or less. It uses roller pad system for quick dry and use less water than normal extraction cleaning method.

4: Alto #7740 Large size Rider Sweeper and auto Scrubber combination machine.
Comes with propane gas tank. You can use for large open area for either sweeping or scrub with cleaning solution and vacuum built in for auto scrubbing. This machine needs to be put on a trail to your place.

5: Speedshine 20" floor buffer/machine- Nobles. Excellent for small area scrubbing, stripping, bonnet carpet cleaning, etc.
No solution tank built in with this rental unit.
Side to side moving operation. Easy to learn how to use it.

Comes with your choice of pad holder or brush.

6: Fast Track Wide area wax applicator. Need to wax a large open area, such as a grocery store? This machine is built for that. 36" wide applicator.

7: Auto Scrubber walk behind- Noble 1701. Small size- 12 gallon solution tank.
Excellent for scrubbing and vacuum up the floor at the same time.

8: Speed Scrub 15- Nobles. Small size electric floor scrubber with brush system.
15" cleaning surface. Compact portable size. Excellent for scrubbing and vacuum up the floor at the same time for medium size cleaning job. 5 gallon solution and dump portable tank. Easy to use.

9: Not available.

10: Nobles EZ Rider Scrubber. Larger size riding scrubber. 32" cleaning surface.
Battery operated. Lasts about 2 1/2 hrs on one charge.
Comes with your choice of pad holders or brush.

11: Battery operated Motor scrubber. Portable hand-held scrubber for small area cleaning.
Battery lasts about 3 to 4 hrs on one full charge.
Comes with a hard scrubbing brush, pad holder, and a charger.
Cleaning pads must be purchased.
Excellent for small cleaning jobs such as corners, edges, walls, etc.

11: Nobles 1016 Cold Water Carpet Extractor with brush cleaning system.
16" cleaning brush system. Optional: 15' solution hose, 15" vacuum hose, wand available for rental also with this machine at extra charge.

For more detail information on any rental units, please call our office.