Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unger Clean Desk and Table Top Cleaner at Lamers

Unger new products available through Lamers Enterprise

Desk and Table Cleaning Kit

Desk and Table Cleaning Kit

Desk and Table Cleaning Kit

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Desk & Table Cleaning Kit. CLEANS 4X FASTER than conventional method. According to “the CDC Guidance for School Administrations K-12”, school staff should routinely clean areas that students and staff touch often.

Unger’s Desk and Table Cleaning Kit will minimize the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a clean surface on desk and table tops.

Complete CK047 Kit includes: (1) COMBG Unger 8 gallon/30 liter dual-compartment bucket & wringer, (1) SM40G SmartColor Mop Holder, (1) HH240 24” handle, and (2) MD400 green microfiber mops.

Cleaning Kit Assembly
• Assemble dual-compartment bucket per instructions provided
• Handle, mop holder and microfiber mop come pre-assembled and ready to use

Easy to use . . .

Step One - Fill Unger Dual Compartment Bucket
• Fill front of bucket with properly diluted sanitizer or disinfectant cleaning solution
• Fill rear compartment of bucket with one gallon of clean rinse water

Step Two - Prepare Mop For Cleaning
• Push button to collapse mop
• Dip mop into front compartment
• Wring mop well in rear compartment

Step Three - Clean Desk & Table Top
• Place mop on table and push down to lock in place
• Start on one side and move mop straight across the table to end. Turn mop and clean in opposite direction
• Continue to next table / Use only wet mop

Step Four - Rinse mop
• Collapse mop, lower through wringer and rinse in rear compartment
• Wring mop to release soiled rinse water
• Dip mop in front compartment, return mop to rear compartment and wring

Please call us for more information on this item and how to order at: 808-845-5592