Friday, March 25, 2011

Nobles New Vacuum Cleaner- SMU-14 at Lamers

Are you looking for a dependable commercial vacuum cleaner?
Nobles came up with a new HEPA vacuum that is getting lots of attention with many excellent positive comments from the users.

Please take a look at it and if you like to see a demo of this unit, please call us or call your sales rep.

V-SMU-14 Upright Vacuum

The smart alternative to high-priced, unreliable commercial vacuums.

  • LEED qualifying with CRI SOA Silver Performance and noise levels less than 70 dBA.
  • Improve indoor air quality with standard HEPA 3-stage filtration.
  • Simplify operator serviceability with no-tool brush and belt replacement.
  • Increase productivity and cleaning coverage with on-board crevice and upholstery tools and up to 30% longer wand reach than competition.

Reduce maintenance costs and downtime with the V-SMU-14.

  • Eliminate the four major issues that cause vacuums to fail, thus increasing productivity and lowering service costs versus current commercial vacuums.
    • Do away with foot latch mechanisms that constantly break down with the V-SMU-14’s effortless handle release.
    • Reduce brush wear with automatic pile height adjustment.
    • No more cord replacements or electrical connection problems with our unique double strain cord relief.
    • Easily clear large debris from vacuum hoses with dual quick-access clean-out ports.
  • Rely on the V-SMU-14’s durable major components which have been proven in commercial applications for over 10 years, ensuring real world robustness.
  • Expect great value from this vacuum with its performance, durability and low operating cost at up to 58% less than other commercial vacuums.
Here is also a backpack vacuum that you like to take a look at:

V-BP-6 Backpack Vacuum

Finally, an affordable AND comfortable backpack vacuum--- the V-BP-6

  • LEED qualifying with CRI SOA Bronze Performance and noise levels less than 70 dBA
  • Get comfortable. The ergonomic vacuum harness, designed in Europe by backpacking experts, maximizes operator comfort through weight distribution to the operator's hips (rather than the back).
  • Increase comfort and safety due to the V-BP-6 backpack vacuum's lightweight design at only 11 lbs/5kg.
  • Improve indoor air quality with standard HEPA 4-stage filtration
  • Start productive cleaning immediately with a complete set of standard tools:
    • Crush proof 4:1 stretch hose
    • Double bend adjustable wand
    • Easy glide carpet floor tool
    • Hard floor tool
    • Dust brush
    • Upholstery tool
    • Crevice tool

Expect reliable performance at an exceptional value with this new backpack vacuum.

  • Depend on this durable backpack vacuum’s major components which have been proven in commercial applications for over 4 years.
  • Spend up to 25% less than with other commercial backpack vacuums without sacrificing performance or durability.