Monday, September 19, 2011

EX Spot-2 Spotter from Nobles at Lamers Enterprise

EX Spot-2 Spotter from Nobles Please call your sale rep or our office for more information at Lamers.


Clean spots before they become stains with this portable spot extractor.

  • Clean small spots on carpet, upholstery and many other applications.
  • Ensure complete water recovery, using a durable metal hand tool with the EX-SPOT-2 spot extractor's see-through window.
  • Easily fill/dump the spotter in multiple locations such as sinks, tubs and others.

Key Reliability and Performance Features of the EX-SPOT-2

  • Reduce maintenance costs with durable metal hand tools and optional metal floor tool which outlast their plastic counterparts.
  • Have everything you need at your fingertips for cleaning spots by adding an optional rolling cart and chemical kit.