Friday, January 13, 2012

V-LWU-13 Light-Weight Upright Vacuum-At Lamers Enterprise

New at Lamers Enterprise In Honolulu Cleaning Supply Co

V-LWU-13 Light-Weight Upright Vacuum

The V-LWU-13 Light-Weight Vacuum combines high performance clean with ultra light, user-friendly design:

  • Decrease operator fatigue with a light-weight vacuum that is up to two times lighter than traditional uprights
  • Vacuum a variety of floor surfaces quickly and efficiently with flexible settings
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime with no-tool brush replacement

Key machine features of the V-LWU-13 Light-Weight Upright Vacuum:

  • Automatic pile height adjustment adapts to a variety of floor surfaces and reduces premature brush wear
  • Standard 2-stage HEPA filtration, which can improve indoor air quality
  • Adjustable sound level, with quiet mode for noise-sensitive environments, that cleans at less than 70 dBA
​Please call us or sales rep for more information and a free demo.