Friday, May 31, 2013

Spartan-HealthCheck Training System available at Lamers Enterprise

Train – Manage – Validate

With Spartan’s HealthCheck managers can verify and validate cleaning standards and methods. It also enables managers to control and manage these standards with tools and technology.


CleanCheck, a web-based, multi-lingual training system documents environmental cleaning procedures in order to ensure that staff are well trained. Handy, portable CleanCheck procedure cards reinforce the training program and ensure that proper procedures are followed going forward.
Managers can verify that cleaning standards are being followed with Spartan’s UVcheck® visual verification tools. Hermetically-sealed UV marker swabs and a portable black light allow managers to train and assess staff cleaning operations while minimizing risk of room-to-room transfer of pathogens.


Spartan’s CompuClean® CMMS (Custodial Maintenance Management Software) allows managers to document activity in order to track and verify program progress and identify areas of concern.


Through ATP bioluminescence, managers can quantitatively validate cleaning effectiveness. This data can be recorded and analyzed in CompuClean as a management tool.
In combination with Spartan’s wide range of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, the system provides an end-to-end solution for environmental cleaning for health.