Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brand new VCT floor-what to do

Brand New Vinyl (VCT) Floor.

Supplies list
Neutral Cleaner (Damp mop- Spartan)
Finish Mop- Either Waxer Candy (White/Blue color) mop with Nylon Finish mop.
Wax applicator- Micro fiber type applicator instead of Finish mop- Optional.
Doodle Bug pad- Red for edges and corners.
Doodle Bug pad holder and handle for edges and corners.
Mop and Bucket wringers- 1each for neutral cleaner, 1each for rinsing, or
having extras makes it easier.
Try using a large trash bag into the bucket and wringer for wax.

Auto scrubber or a buffer (Floor Machine- Side to Side ).
Red pads for scrubbing -for auto scrubber or buffer.

Latex Gloves
Measuring cup for chemicals
MSDA sheets for chemicals
Finish / Wax (Spartan: On & On or I-Shine)
Dry/ Wet Vacuum or shop vacuum to pick up water
Floor squeegee / foam type works well
Air Mover / Air Blower/ Air Fan
Soft painters tape- only if needed such as taping off carpeted areas, etc.

Step 1:
Vacuum or sweep thoroughly corners and edges- make sure to pick up all
dust, hair, etc.

Step 2:
Dilute neutral cleaner solution into a mop bucket as recommended by

Step 3:
Apply neutral cleaning solution onto the floor area that you will be scrubbing.
Note: Apply on area that you would be easily able to handle.
Letting the solution sit too long to dry off will waste money and

Note: Do not flood the floor with solution, but wet enough for solution
to do scrubbing easily with buffer or auto scrubber.

Step 4:
Let the solution sit for 3- 5 minutes.

Step 5:
If you have more than one person working- clean the edges and corners.

Step 6:
Start scrubbing with either auto scrubber or buffer with Red pad.
Note: Red pad will remove some scratches and scuff marks off the

Step 7:
Vacuum or mop solutions, etc.
Note: Use Dry/Wet vacuum or auto scrubber.

Step 8:
Rinse thoroughly floor with hot water if available.

Step 9:
Do one final rinsing before let the floor dry.

Step 10:
Let the floor dry.
Note: Use Air Movers- Make sure to not to face into up too high to blow down
dust from the ceiling or other areas.
Use low to medium speed and let the floor dry completely before putting the
first coat of wax.

Step 12:
Let the finish dry completely- It could take any where from 20-40 minutes depending
on humidity, wind, air-conditioned room
Note: If you use Air Movers/Fan, it will dry much faster.

Step 11:
Lay the first coat of finish-
Note: Work from back of the room to the exit door.
Note: If doing a large area- divide into sections that will be easily
Note: Lay edges and catch corners first.
Note: Try number 8, side ways shape (Ribbon shape) for laying the finish
without lifting the mop head works well.
Note: Try nice and smooth coat.
Note: Finish on the mop should be squeezed gently enough, so that you
do not have drippings of finish all over the floor.

Note: While you are laying the finish and see hair or dirt on the floor-
pick it up with you finger carefully before going over with finish.
Once, hair or dirt is under finish, it will take much work to
remove it and fix the area.
Note: Watch out for the border- Ok to have finish on it?
If not, make sure not to have finish on it.
Note: If you miss some spots on your first coat. Don't worry, you will
cover on your second or third coats.

Step 12:
Check the finish to make sure it is dry enough for next coat of finish.
Note: Does it look wet?
Does it feel sticky on you palm of you hand?
Does it leave finger prints on the finish?
If any above is yes- floor is not ready yet to walk on.
Note: From second coat- walk on floor with either bare feet or socks only.
Aggressive design of the sole will create marks on the finish.

Step 13:
Lay second coat.
Repeat Step 11

Step 14:
Repeat Step 13, if you are laying more coats.
Note: Manufacturers normally recommend 100% of finish solid contents.
Example: If the finish you are using has 25% solid content, then
you should be laying 4 coats or more.
Step 15:
Let the floor dry and do not let anyone walk on it at least 3 to 4 hours.
Note: You may buff/ burnish the floor after 24 hours after you laid the
Note: When daily mopping, must use only neutral cleaner, otherwise
finish will disappear very fast.

Step 16:
You are done for this job.

Often asked question: Should I put a Sealer as a base and put the finish
above it?

You can- Only if it is requested by the customer and it specifies
Or, floor is dealing with lots of water on a constant bases like
a kitchen.

Put one to 2 coats of water based sealer on the base and
2 coats or more of finish on the top above the sealer.

Note: If the finish has solid content of 25%, 2 bottom coats
usually works as a sealer base.
Note: If you laid the solvent based sealer on the base, water
base finish will not stick to the sealer and it will
peel off.