Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tips for prevention of slip during wet days

Prevention of slip during wet days !
Are you concerned with people falling due to wet floors when it is raining or snowing?

Place a carpet mat (if you have a choice, water well type of area mat holds water better), right outside of the door (if it is not getting directly hit by rain or snow), and place another mat inside of the door.
If you have more mats, place longer size mats up to 10’-20’ in the direction of traffic.
This will help to get most the moisture from the person’s shoes by the time it reaches the hard floor.

Make sure to put many wet floor signs- one just outside of the entrance door, one inside and place wherever caution must be taken.
Note: If it is heavily raining and you have plenty of traffic in your building,
make sure to frequently check these carpet mats by the entrance areas.
If the mats are too wet, they will not do the job properly.
Either replace with a drier one or use wet/dry vacuum and vacuum it off.
If you have air movers, place one near the door and keep the area dry.
Keep it at low or medium speed. People might not like the high speed air blowing on them especially during a cold weather day.