Monday, January 19, 2009

Dumpster Fresh D&C

Big D Dumpster D Plus C

Do you have stinky odor problem with your dumpster?

Do you have flying insects near the dumpster?

Big D Dumpster D Plus C can take

Care these problems for you.

25# Pail: $83.90/pail plus tax

100# drum: $315.00 plus tax

Big D Dumpster D Plus C is formulated with special odor absorbing granules and citronella (proven to deter annoying flying insects). This unique and safe formula is long lasting and neutralizes odors on contact. Use to quickly and effectively deodorize garbage dumpsters, trash cans, containers and compactors, and garbage collection trucks.

Available at Lamers Enterprise.

Please call your sales rep today and odor Dumpster Fresh D Plus C right away.

Thank you,

Lamers Enterprise