Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Show at Waikiki Trade Center

Earth Day Show at Waikiki Trade Center- 4/22/09

To contribute to Green Earth Day project, we participated the Earth Day event at Waikiki Trade Center on April, 22, 2009.

This is first time Waikiki Trade Center organized a such event. We appreciated their invitation to Lamers to participate in the event and it was a successful one. There were about 20 different business organizations displayed different green project ideas.
Stanley and Ernie hosted the booth and we had many people stopped to ask about Green Cleaning Solutions we had in display.

We were happy to contribute in educating others about green project.

We should all do our part in saving the green earth for a long time to come.

Lamers is very much interested in educating others about the Green Project and how we can help our customers with how to use green cleaning ideas in their facilities or cleaning service.
If you are interested in green cleaning ideas and would like to get more information, please call our office or your sales rep.

* Note: Read more about Green Project ideas here.

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