Friday, June 19, 2009

Carept Cleaning Solutions- Bonnet Cleaning Solutions at Lamers

Carpet Cleaning Solutions available at Lamers Enterprise, Cleaning Supply, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Bonnet Cleaning Solutions

Bridgepoint™ Encapuclean™ Bonnet/Brush Cleaner - Gal.
Encapuclean is a complete soil encapsulator for use in brush or bonnet cleaning. A special polymer barrier entraps soil for easy removal and slows resoiling. It has a low VOC and a nearly neutral pH but it will handle even the worst soil. Dilution: 8 oz./gal. RTU pH 7.5.
Bridgepoint™ Encapuclean™ w/Maxim - Gal.
The same outstanding cleaning formula as regular encapuclean but with Maxim's stain resistant properties. It's regular use will help keep us stain and soil resistance on commercial nylon carpet. The addition of Maxim to the formula also improves Encapuclean's great soil retarding properties. Dilution: 8 oz./gal. RTU pH 7.5.
Bridgepoint™ Encapuguard™ Neutralizer - Gal.
Encapuguard brings the benefits of encapsulation chemical technology to hot water extraction. Simply spray Encapuguard on carpet after ANY type of cleaning and fibers are coated with a special polymer that absorbs soils and dries to a dry brittle crystal which is then removed during normal vacuuming. Encapuguard neutralizes alkaline residues, prevents wicking and stops browning or yellowing. Dilution: 16 oz./gal. RTU pH 3.5.