Friday, June 19, 2009

Carpet Cleaning Solutions- Pre Spray solutions at Lamers

Carpet Cleaning Solutions available at Lamers Enterprise Cleaning Supply Co, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Pre Spray Solutions

Bridgepoint™ Bio Break - 6.5 lb. Jar
Ideal for restaurants or residential family rooms. Bio Break uses enzymes best suited for breaking down heavy grease and the soil build-up it causes. 5-10 minutes of dwell time is all it should take. Powdered form means long shelf life. Highly concentrated for excellent economy. Dilution: 1-2 oz/gal. RTU: pH 9.8.
Bridgepoint™ Dry Cleaning Prespray - Gal.
This special formulation of solvents is designed to dissolve and emulsify oils and soils for easy removal by extraction or towel absorption.
Bridgepoint™ Flex Heavy Duty Liquid Prespray - Gal.
Dissolves soils and oils so fast that on some carpets, you can actually watch it working. Dilution: 16 oz/gal. RTU: pH 12.5.
Bridgepoint™ Green Balance Carpet Prespray - Gal.
A mildly alkaline traffic lane cleaner that uses advanced surfactant technology instead of solvents to rapidly dissolve tough oil-based soils. Safe for wool and all synthetic carpets. Environmentally friendly. Dilution at 1:32. RTU pH 8.0.
Bridgepoint™ Hydro Break Traffic Lane Cleaner - Gal.
Great all-purpose prespray for residential and commercial carpets and for oriental rugs. Also well formulated for bonnet cleaning. Great penetration and soil suspension. Easy rinsing and low residue. Dilution: 2 cups/gal. RTU: pH 9.5.

Bridgepoint™ Power Break Concentrated Powder Prespray
Heavy duty powdered prespray for apartments and restaurant work. If you do a lot of restoration work, Power Break is your prespray. It is one of our most economical formulas and uses enzymes to work on a wide range of soils and stains. (Show more)
Bridgepoint™ Traffic Slam - Gal.
Originally formulated as a traffic lane prespray for olefin. Traffic Slam also does incredibly well at encapsulating filter soil and cleaning fire-damaged carpets. It is fast and keeps working as long as moisture is present. Free rinsing, non-toxic. Dilution: 4 oz/gal. RTU: pH: 11.
Bridgepoint™ Zone Perfect Low VOC - Gal.
Compliant with the VOC limits of states which have regulations, without compromising the amazing cleaning ability of regular Zone Perfect! Ultra-concentrated prespray. Dilution: 4 oz/gal. RTU pH: 9.5.
Spartan SSE Carpet PreSpray&Spotter® - Qt. RTU
pH 9.0. 12/32 oz. per case, includes 3 trigger sprayers.