Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cleaning Tip- How to clean Microfiber Dust Mop Head

Microfiber products are becoming very popular. However, don't you hate cleaning the dust mop head? Everything just sticks and it is hard to clean.

What is the best way to get rid of the dust, hair and everything that sticks to the microfiber dust mop head?

Any scrubbing pad will do. Such as green, blue or other color scrubbing pad or just a center piece of round pad that most people just throw away.

If you are using a 6"x 9" green pad, just fold it in half or use a center piece from the round pads.

Next, place your microfiber dust mop head over a trash bin and gently stroke against the dust mop head as shown in the next picture.

It works really well, try it next time!

With a scrubbing pad in one hand and holding the dust mop head on a holder with your other hand , gently stroke the dust away from you into the trash bin.

All the dust, hair, and other matters that stuck on the microfiber will easily come off from it.

To clean, you can wash the dust mop head in the washing machine or hand wash with a gentle cleaning solution.

But do not dry them in the dryer. It will shrink. Hang to air dry.

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