Friday, September 11, 2009

How to remove hard water stains on glass windows

These are products that you will need
to do the job.

1: White or walnut scrubbing pad
2: Bio Clean hard water stain remover
3: Sealer (optional)
4: Gloves (optional)
5: Water and a bucket
6: Clean rags

Step 1:
Wet the walnut pad or white pad in a bucket of water and gently squeeze the water out , so that it is not dripping.

Step 2:
If the glass is dirty, clean the area first. Pour a small amount of Bio Clean cream cleanser on to the pad and gently scrub over the area affected with a circular motion.

Do not rub too hard. It could damage the glass.

Step 3:
Once it is clean, wipe the glass with a clean rag and buff off the residue.

You are done.
If you like to seal the glass, go to next page.

Step 4:
To seal the glass
1: Lightly wet a sponge and squeeze out excess water .

2: Pour a small amount of creamy sealer onto a sponge and apply the sealer over the glass, just like waxing a car.

3: As it dries as you rub it on, buff it off until the surface is clean.

4: Clean the glass with clean water and wipe off.