Friday, March 12, 2010

Advance Sweeper Scrubber available at Lamers Enterprise

Available at Lamers Enterprise, Honolulu, Hawaii- Janitorial Cleaning Supply Co.

Industrial Sweepers – Industrial Floor Scrubbers

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Industrial Sweeper – Scrubber

Advance Automatic Industrial Floor Sweeper-Scrubbers Drive Innovation

The Advance line of industrial floor sweeper-scrubbers offers an industrial strength floor cleaning solution with unequalled power and maneuverability. These rugged industrial floor sweeper-scrubbers provide aggressive scrubbing and dust-free sweeping for one pass, large-area industrial cleaning.

Your cleanliness goal will be a factor in your choice of industrial cleaning equipment. Once you have determined the size and amount of dirt and debris to be removed, your next decision is to ‘sweep or scrub’.

Industrial Floor Sweepers are ideal for bulky debris such as wood chips, metal shavings, paper and fibrous materials. Scrubbers are suitable for light debris, dust, oil or grease and floor marks on all types of hard wood floors. In many instances you need to sweep first and then scrub. This requires either two separate industrial cleaning machines or a combination industrial floor sweeper-scrubber. Click here to learn more on how to select Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment for Increased Productivity and Performance.

Captor®& Captor® AXP™ 4300B & 4800B Industrial Sweeper – Scrubber

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Captor®& Captor® AXP™ 4300B & 4800B Industrial Sweeper – Scrubber

The Industrial Sweeper-Scrubber system delivers the largest main broom for its size, for better sweeping and control.

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