Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bad Odor in the restroom-What to do?

Bad odor in the restroom?

Do you have a public restroom that has a terrible odor ?

You tried odor mist, sprayer cans, gels, wicks, bleach and disinfectant cleaner and pretty much everything under the sun and nothing works?

Well, first knowing where the bad odor is coming from helps.

It could be several reasons:

1: Drain on the floor. If the drain does not have a regular flow of water, bacteria could build up which could cause bad odors.

2: Tile grout under the urinal. Men’s restrooms usually have bad odor problems due to urine spilling over to the floor and seeping onto the tile. Odor causing bacteria grows and results in bad odor.

3: Hard water stains in the toilet or urinal. If the toilet or urinal has heavily built up hard water deposits of caked yellow stains around the rim, under and sides can hold the odor causing bacteria to grow and cause bad odors in the restrooms.

So, what do I need to do?

Try a bacterium product such as Consume Ecolizer from Spartan.

You can run more about this product at the Spartan website.

Make sure to treat the drains and mop the floor regularly especially under the urinals.

Follow the directions for effective use.

Secondly, you must remove hard water deposits from the toilet and urinal by using a hard water deposit remover like Shooter.

And use disinfectant cleaner to clean your restroom daily, instead of using any old cleaning solutions that you can just get from the store self. A disinfectant cleaner will kill germs and bacteria that cause bad odors.

If you want to use pre-timed misty odor counteract ant, aerosol, or wick system to have a nice smell , this is up to you. It will help to keep your restroom fresh and pleasant with scent, but unless you get rid of the source of the bad odor, all other things will not really help too much.