Friday, October 29, 2010

Save money with Cleaning Solution Dispensing System

Do you want to save money on cleaning solutions?

One way to save money on cleaning solutions is to manage the usage by installing a chemical dispensing system.

Your cleaning crew does not have to guess how much solutions to how much water.

Your cleaning crew will not make a mistake and pour too much cleaning solutions and say "Opoos..."!! Too late.

Your cleaning crew does not have to guess, which cleaning solutions is for what purpose.

With a little training, your crew will be using already pre-mixed ready solution for different purposes either for spray bottles, mop buckets, or auto scrubbers.

So they don't have to guess, if they have to use bleach for carpet spotting or cleaning the toilets, etc.

You save money in time management and not wasting of cleaning solutions.

And it looks nice and clean in your janitorial closet.

We have a suggestion for you to save more on cleaning solutions.
Instead of using varieties of cleaning solutions, just use only few that you need for general cleaning.

Spartan has a product "Clean By Peroxy" Green Sealed All Purpose cleaner (PH 3-4)which you can use for following areas and purposes:

Glass/window cleaning,
General all purpose damp wipe or wet wipe,
-counter tops, table tops, floor mopping, cleaning restrooms, carpet spots, carpet cleaning pre-spray solution and extraction, bonnet carpet cleaning, light to heavy duty scrub cleaning,
and much more.

Clean By Peroxy is slightly acid side of PH3-4. When it is diluted with 2-3 oz per gallon of water, it will not affect the floor finish or sealer.

* Do not use this product, if you have any lime stone products such as marble floors and counter tops.

Clean By Peroxy has a nice fresh scent too.
You can use this product for pretty much for everywhere, but it is not a disinfectant cleaner.

So if you are required to use disinfectant cleaner for restroom cleaning, Spartan has Green Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner (Neutral PH) for restroom cleaning and also mopping, if you have a floor with finish or sealer on it.

There is no scent with Green Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner. If you want to add little bit of deodorizer in it, if you prefer to have some scents in the mop bucket or spray bottle.

How about the dispenser for this?
You have two options:

1: Clean By Proxy dispensing system and we can hook up the Green Neutral Disinfectant into the dispenser for you.

2: Versa Fill Dispensing system: You can fill up to 4 different products in this dispenser, if you use COG 1 liter bottles or 2 different products, if you use gallon bottles.
** If you want to use 5 gallon pail products and do not mind the pail containers sitting on the floor or a shelf. You can feed up to 4 different products to save money by using 5 gallon pail containers.

If you would like to discuss more on this dispensing system and what it will cost, please feel free to call one of our sales reps or our office for more information.

Thank you,
Lamers Enterprise

*Photo is Versa Fill Dispenser system.