Monday, November 1, 2010

What happened to my sticky floor after mopping

Sticky Floor after mopping- What do I do?

Just mopped the floor with a cleaning solution, but the floor is little sticky and leaving all kinds of shoe foot prints on it.

What happened?

It could be one of these reasons.

1: You might be using the wrong cleaning solution.

2: You might be using higher dilution ratio than what is recommended by the manufacturer.

3: Your mop already had a residue of some chemicals or other matters that are leaving sticky residue (like soda or punch sugary drinks).


1: Check the cleaning solution that you are using to see if it is the right mopping solution. Your mopping solution should contain PH 5-7 Neutral PH mopping solution. The best one for mopping is one that does not leave any residue.

We have Spartan "Damp Mop" is the best one for daily mopping.

2: Even if you are using the Neutral PH mopping solution, if the dilution ratio is higher than recommended, the floor will be sticky. So make sure you are diluting the solution properly.

3: Do not use cleaning solutions that has a high PH Balance for heavy duty cleaning or acid cleaning solutions that are designed to do special cleaning purposes instead of daily mopping solutions.

4: Make sure that your mop head is completely rinsed clean from any residue of other matters, such as soda, punch or other sticky matters from the past mopping. Always use clean mop water .

** Note: If your floor is sticky after you have mopped the floor.

Try using clean water only and mop the floor several times to remove any residue off the floor and let it dry. This should help to remove the stickiness.