Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orbio SC-5000 Water to Cleaning Solution Dispensing System Meets LEED

Tennant Helps Target Field Gain LEED "Innovation in Design Credit"

The USGBC awarded Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, LEED existing building Silver Certification (LEED EBOM).  Tennant helped them earn this recognition in two ways. 
First, Target Field installed an Orbio® 5000‑Sc in April 2010.  We wrote an Innovation in Design” credit request based on the reduced environmental and health impacts, as documented in the LCA, that result from using Orbio 5000‑Sc cleaning solution to replace several general purpose cleaning chemicals. This was granted, which earned a full point towards their silver certification. The significance of this is the use of Orbio 5000‑Sc cleaning solution to replace daily general purpose cleaners in its self earns a point. Whereas the purchase of cleaning equipment only contributes toward earning a point, explained below. 
This “Innovation in Design”credit is now in the USGBC’s library of credits and can be referenced and used by other facilities pursuing LEED existing building certification.  If you have a potential Orbio 5000‑Sc customer who is pursuing LEED existing building certification, make them aware that an innovation credit is available.  It will help them earn certification or perhaps even advance them to the next level.  I have attached a template you can use with your customers and the LEED Accredited Professional managing the certification application.
The second way Tennant helped Target Field earn Silver Certification is through their use of several models of Tennant equipment to clean the facility and grounds. Most of these meet the “Green Cleaning – Sustainable Cleaning Equipment” credit's criteria (EQ 3.4, attached).  So, they easily satisfied the metric that 20 percent of all equipment must meet the credit’s requirements to earn a point.   It is important to note that the purchase and use of our equipment only contributes to meeting the credit’s 20 percent threshold; no one machine earns a credit. 
I have a strategy for extending the Orbio 5000‑Sc existing building innovation credit to new construction, retail, and healthcare certifications. It will require slightly different performance metrics.  We need a project to apply for the “Innovation in Design”credit review. If you have a potential Orbio 5000‑Sc customer who is also pursuing LEED certification in new construction, retail, or healthcare, please give me a call.  I will work with the facility and LEED AP to develop the credit request. Once we earn an innovation design credit in one of these areas, the credit will then be available to any future application in all of these categories.
Finally, the USGBC is in the process of revising all LEED categories in 2012.  We are working closely with them to rewrite the cleaning chemicals and equipment credits for clarity and to include electrically activated water technologies, e.g. ec-H2O™ and Orbio 5000‑Sc, in the mainstream credits.  More on this in 2012.
  Posted by: Ernie at Lamers Enterprise