Friday, January 13, 2012

Spartan Training an Certifications for Cleaning Procedures

Spartan Training an Certifications for Cleaning Procedures

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Training & Support

An effective training system instills pride and professionalism. It also saves money through less turnover, fewer complaints and a reduction in rework. Watch the video below for brief overview of Cleancheck's versatility .
Impressed by what CompuClean v10 can offer, but don't have the time to implement the software?

CompuManage consultants are available nationwide to assist you in learning and implementing CompuClean. Our system-focused approach to implementation includes CompuClean training seminars, interactive online training, access to telephone support and on-site training and implementation services.
Spartan offers a proactive approach to training and certifying your winning workforce. Here's how Spartan's Training and Certification Program works:
  • Helps you create completely customized maintenance procedures to suite your facility's specific needs.
  • Addresses training requirements and minimizes your liability.
  • Helps you train, test and certify those individuals who qualify.

Correct Clean™

Safe • Secure • Sanitary

Responsibility starts with Spartan's Correct Clean, a program designed to help local jails and state prisons effectively and safely clean while minimizing costs.

Utilize state-of-the-art product formulations and industry leading procedures to maintain facilities that are safe, secure and sanitary. Customizable training and monitoring tools ensure your facility is complaint with ACA, Joint Commission and your state/ local standards. 
A Product of ISSA, The Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building sets forth a management framework designed to assist in developing quality, customer-centered organizations, based on universally accepted principles that have proven to be the hallmarks of well-managed, successful operations.

Service is the key and Spartan has the knowledge to help. With over 66 CIMS-Green Building ISSA Certification Experts plus numerous LEED certified staff members, we can help you reach your goals of achieving CIMS-GB certifiication. We work hand-in-hand with our distributors to expand the knowledge throughout our supply chain with Spartan’s Green Cleaning Specialist Seminars and Certifications.

Strategic technology and training solutions such as CompuClean and the Cleancheck Training System both enhance performance and build knowledge of proper cleaning procedures.

Also available in Spartan’s line are five categories of sustainable products, offering many Environmentally Preferable options. These options improve the health and environment of a building and its occupants...the primary goal of a “green” or sustainable cleaning program.

Spartan knows that the CIMS-GB Standard promotes excellence and professionalism in the cleaning industry. We urge you to talk to your local distributor or Spartan Regional Manager about CIMS-GB
Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. believes that being environmentally responsible and user friendly are paramount in today's environment of greener cleaning and procedures. With our Green Solutions® product line and green training programs, we feel we can meet our customers cleaning needs while continuing to improve the indoor environment and, at the same time, lessen the impact on our outdoor environment. .

Spartan's Training Certification Program provides a framework to clean and maintain a building in a manner consistent with today's new sustainable direction. It includes products developed with consultation with the Green Seal® organization. The Training Certification Program looks at your current situation and suggests ways to improve products and procedures. These suggestions can help you with earning credits towards LEED® certification.

With this program you can attain up to 14 points, more with the innovative credit. Almost 50% of the credits needed for basic certification.