Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dynamic Powerhouse SHOOTER at Lamers Enterprise

Dynamic Research Company
Dynamic Powerhouse SHOOTER™
SHOOTER™ for the Summertime
Our distributors report excellent results with Dynamic Powerhouse SHOOTER™ for removing tough soils and deposits from outdoor fiberglass, vinyl, and resin tables and off the vinyl strips on pool chairs and lounges.
The sun-baked oils, lotions and deposits on these types of tables and chairs were a problem for their customers - one that SHOOTER™ handled easily, proving to be the best product they had used in years.
Place a plastic sheet under the lawn furniture that is being cleaned. Apply the DOT Class 55 (non-hazardous) SHOOTER™ with a swab or applicator, scrub lightly, and rinse with clean water. An easy-to-use time saver, SHOOTER™ makes pool furniture, deck and lounge chairs look great.

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