Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Liquid Breaker-Introducing The Green Waterless Urinal Cartridge- Now available at Lamers Enterprise

Liquid Breaker-Introducing The Green Cartridge- Now available at Lamers Enterprise

Do you have waterless urinal at your office or facility?
Having trouble with odor and changing the cartridges too often?
Liquid Breaker has a solution for you.

The Green Cartridge is an eco-friendly, low cost solution for waterless urinals.

Unlike most waterless urinal cartridges, the Green Cartridge is eco-friendly and extremely cost effective. 
The Green Cartridge is designed specifically to:
  • Eliminate urine odor in the bathroom 
  • Ensure clean and easier maintenance
  • Reduce uric acidurine struvite and sludge build up in the plumbing
  • Cut costs and conserve water
  • Protect against pipe blockage and plumbing backflow 
  • Last up to 5x longer than traditional chemical based cartridges
The Green Cartridge is a Retrofit Solution for the following Waterless Urinal Brands:
  • Falcon Waterfree ®
  • Sloan ®
  • Rubbermaid ®
  • American Standard ®
  • Waterless Company ®
  • Zurn ®
  • Zero Flush ®