Friday, January 10, 2014

New product at Lamers Enterprise- Nobles Canister Extractor - H1, H2/C2 and H5

New Product at Nobles via Lamers Enterprise

The Nobles Explorer Series Canister Extractors offer reliable gold standard* cleaning performance in an easy to use, versatile design.

  • Designed to maximize productivity allowing the operator to spend more time cleaning than setting up, tearing down and moving between job sites lowering your total cost to clean.
  • Simplifies the use and maintenance of the machine allowing for less downtime while making the machine easier to use and delivering reliable results.
  • Built to last under the toughest cleaning environments.

Key machine features of the Explorer Series Canister Extractors

  • Large capacity 15 gal. tank increases productivity by lengthening the time between empty & refill cycles
  • Long 15' hoses enables the operator to clean more carpet without moving the machine and in areas that are hard to reach maximizing cleaning productivity.
  • Easy access fill port reduces spills during the fill-up process and keeps operators in an ergonomic position when filling.