Friday, January 10, 2014

New product at Lamers Enterprise SpeedGleam Rider Burnisher

New product at Lamers Enterprise 

SpeedGleam Rider Burnisher-Click for more information

Best Value in its Class

It's Simple

  • Reduce operator training with intuitive control panel and supervisor lock-out function
  • Service your machine easily with automated 18° head-lift and easy battery access
  • Charge anywhere with integrated, on-board charger and cord management

It's Flexible

  • Choose a 24 in / 610 mm or 27 in / 686 mm cleaning path
  • Burnish with 3 speeds and 3 down pressure settings
  • Cover large areas quickly while still fitting in tight areas like doorways and elevators with compact rider design

It's Safe

  • Increase Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) with optional active, 4-stage HEPA filtration dust control system
  • Make operator comfort a priority with low 69 dBA sound level
  • Optional Hydrolink® battery watering system requires little to no training and protects operators from the possbilitiy of acide contact and other risks associated with open battery